Saving house, weight and price vs conventional rising stem ball valves
ISIS Oil & Gas are pleased to introduce a model new and progressive valve design to the UK market.
The Tolboom non-contact steel seated ball valve is 1 / 4 turn design (vs conventional linear rising stem). This means smaller actuators, lowered weight and decrease value for automation while delivering the same functionality as a rising stem ball valve.
Together with the designer of the original rising stem ball valve, VS-T Valves has developed a non-contact (quarter turn) eccentric stem design with friction free operation for harsh & abrasive functions such as coking / de-coking and processes with solids/sand present. The new valve design has already undergone many inside and unbiased third-party valve tests and has successfully handed API Firesafe, ISO 15848-1 & TA-Luft, Cryogenic and FE testing.
This patented design will be manufactured solely by VS-T Valves in the Netherlands and becomes the first non-contact (quarter turn) ball valve design on the earth. เกจวัดแรงดันsumo are already having a excessive degree of interest due to the performance, weight, area and value benefits. References embody valves put in 2 years in the past in Norway (offshore) on downside slurry/sand functions with frequent cycling – the valves are performing excellently and outperforming previous valve designs installed.
Key Applications:
High cycling service
Molecular sieve service
Sand/Slurry service
Coking and Decoking purposes
Short cycle time
High temp (up to +650degC)
EDSV and Hipps (fast opening and closing) -Double Block and Bleed -Gas Metering -Sub Sea -LNG Service
Please get in touch with us for any further information or assistance with specific purposes